About me: From the age of 13 I have learnt and developed through understanding my own personal difficulties, where I overcame PTSD, Anxiety  and depression (following a near fatal accident). These experiences were key life events that enabled me to recognise the importance of resilience, self-belief and solidity towards gaining vital inner strength.

I have worked in retail and hospitality for the past 8 years, this has enabled me to develop my self-confidence, people skills, self-awareness, and drive to succeed. These experiences have allowed me to develop myself as a person, and become further interested in human potential.

I have tried out many different paths of career and education, i understand how it feels to not know what you want to do. but through trying different things out you can reach that place of finding what your passionate about, i am here to help guide and assist you on that journey.

Areas of coaching that i specialize in are: Personal Development, Interview Coaching, Life Coaching, Youth Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Confidence Coaching, Mentoring.

How sessions are conducted: I am able to do life coaching sessions via Skype, in person, voice call.





"Adam has a kind and friendly voice. He helped me establish a plan which in turn helped me overcome bulimia. In the short time that I’ve known Adam, his help has reprogrammed my perception on food and health - I can’t thank you enough!".


Services & Pricing




  • Free 20 minute consultation

  • First 1 Hour coaching session free

  • 1 hour Coaching session £50 after free session

  • Book your first 3 coaching sessions and receive 1 free session


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